Syria peace talks start in Geneva to end civil war

GENEVA : Syrian peace talks have been started in Geneva which are  designed to end the Syria’s civil war and elect a new government within 18 months.


Top diplomats from different countries participated in peace talks.


Syrian Foreign Minister claimed that any discussion to remove Assad would be a red line.


UN envoy Staffan de Mistura claimed that situation has been changed since the collapse of indirect talks in February.


He claimed that agreeing for a new government is a main obstacle to form peace in the region.


He claimed that if the negotiation failed again we will bring the issue back to those who have influence.


He claimed that agenda has been set we hope it will bring peace and remove all the barricades.


He said “By then, we believe that we should have at least a clear roadmap. 


I’m not saying an agreement, but a clear roadmap, because that is what Syria is expecting.


The long conflict has killed at least 270,000 people and displaced millions.


Turkey and other regional countries are hosting a large number of Syrian refugees which is costing them billions and tremendous budgetary pressure.


British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond claimed that

Russia has supported Assad politically, diplomatically and militarily and Putin is the only person who can stop the Syria’s civil war by making a phone call.

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