Sartaj Aziz and Sushma Swaraj to meet on March 16

ISLAMABAD: Indian media claimed that Advisor to PM Nawaz on foreign affairs and Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj will meet in Nepal this week.


As per details, both countrie

s' Foreign Secretaries Aizaz Ahmad Ch. and Jay Shankar will also be present in the meeting. The meeting of Sartaj Aziz and Sushma is likely to be held when both countries delegations are going to participate in SAARC conference.


The 37th session of SAARC conference is going to be held in Nepal's city Pokhara from 16 to 17 March.


Sources claimed that affairs related to Indo-Pak relations will be discussed in the meeting. Matters related to foreign secretaries’ dialogues will also come under discussion in the meeting.  

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