President Obama to visit Britain in a vow to include UK in EU


WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama will visit Britain next month in a vow to include UK in the European Union.


Obama will visit Germany in April to participate in a technology fair where he will meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the bilateral trade.  During his return, he will visit UK.


Recently Britain decided to leave 28 nations bloc and a referendum will be held on 23rd June to decide whether to stay or leave.


Brexit campaign group blasted at the report of US intervention and claimed that Obama have to keep his views himself.


Campaign’s spokesman Jack Montgomery said “People in this country have had enough of American presidents dictating our foreign policy to us.”


He said “Barack Obama wouldn’t dream of signing up to a Pan-American political union, accepting free movement with Mexico and empowering an un-elected commission in Brasilia to overturn US laws and dictate US trade policy, so how can he justify telling the UK to accept the same situation in Europe.” 


A research organization holds a voting poll which showed a 51% to remain and 49% to leave the EU bloc.