One of the Ankara suicide bomber was a PKK woman: Turkish Police

ANKARA: Turkish police claimed that one of the suicide bomber was a PKK woman which killed at least 34 people in Turkish capital Ankara.


Police officials claimed that initial findings suggest that the attack was carried out by a woman who joined PKK in 2013.


Retaliating to the Ankara attack Turkish warplanes struck against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq.


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said “with the power of our state and wisdom of our people, we will dig up the roots of this terror network which targets our unity and peace.”


Turkish president condemned the attacks and declared an emergency in the city.


He said “When terror organizations and the ones who use them as a tool start losing their fight against the security forces, they apply the most cruel methods and target our innocent people.”


At least 34 people have died and 125 wounded in a car blast which  occurred on Ataturk Boulevard at a place where there are 10 bus stations.



However PKK denied any responsibility of attack.


This is the third attack in the last five months  that hit Ankara which have killed dozens of people.


More than 100 people were killed in a double suicide bombing in October that was claimed by IS.

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