India test fires nuclear capable missile Agni 1

NEW DELHI: India has successfully test fired nuclear capable missile Agni 1 .


This is surface to surface single stage homemade missile and capable of hitting a 700 km away target in 9 minutes and 36 seconds.


The missile was launched from a mobile launcher at Abdul Kalam Island at 9.15 am


An official said “The launch was undertaken as part of periodic training activity by SFC to further consolidate operational readiness.”


The missile weights 12 tones with a length of 15 metres which is designed with sophisticated navigation system to reach its target accurately.


The missile was developed by Advanced System Laboratory, the Premier Missile Development Laboratory of DRDO in collaboration with Defence Research Development Laboratory and Research Centre Imarat and integrated by Bharat Dynamics Limited , Hyderabad.


The missile can carry a payload of one tone and its range can be increased by reducing the payload.


The missile is already included in armed forces after its successful launch on November 27, 2015 from the same base.

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