Christian persecution in India increased under Modi: ICC


ISLAMABAD: Christian persecution in India has increased manifold since the rise of Narendra Modi led BJP government on the throne of New Delhi; said the President of International Christian Concern Jeff King in an interview to the Fox News .


The main reason for the rise in number of attacks on Christians in India is the rising Hindu and Nationalist trends in India which are encouraged by the extremists and the attackers feel save under the Hindu Nationalist government of BJP .


Although previously attacks on Christians were reported in Iraq, Syria and African countries mostly along with India but after 2014 there has been tremendous and alarmingly rise in the violent attacks against the Christians in India.


Since January 1, 2016 there have been 26 attacks reported against Christians in India and many more are still un reported. The ironic part is the fact that few of the incidences of humiliation and violence against Christians priest and pastors occurred in presence of Police but no action was taken in that regard.



Another main reason attributed to the higher violence rate against Christians in India is that the Hindu extremists feel that their political and social backings from the politicians and organisations like Shiv Sena and RSS is going to protect and save their skins.


Few months ago 8 US Senators and 26 Congress members also wrote a letter to the Modi Government in New Delhi apprising of their apprehensions regarding the rising religious intolerance in India. To their utter disappointment there was no response or reply from the Indian Government in this regard.


Violence cases were previously limited to few areas and regions but now the religious extremism and hatred had spread all along the India as the Hindu extremists enjoy the immunity against any actions against them.


In few of the cases Christians were told to convert to Hinduism by the Hindu extremists and Bible was also torn and put on fire. Christians were harassed and the churches burnt in India but these episodes have greatly increased after the Modi led BJP government came to power in India.


BJP and other extremist Hindu organisations like Shiv Sena and RSS follow the religious and cultural philosophy of Hindutva which emphasis the supremacy of the Indian religion and culture over the westernisation. This has also led to the rising incidences of torture and forcefull conversions of minorities in India to Hinduism.


Modi Government is silent on such rising intolerant acts of extremists which further boosts their morale and leaves them without any accountability.




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