Blast in Ankara kills 34 and severely injures 125

ANKARA: At least 34 people have died and 125 wounded in a car blast in Turkish capital Ankara near a bus stop on Sunday.


A news agency said “The explosion occurred on Ataturk Boulevard at a place where there are 10 bus stations. It is assumed that it was a suicide bomber. There is a vehicle that is mostly destroyed. It is hard to give any numbers of those who are wounded, but there are many wounded people and burning cars.”


Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu claimed that at least 34 people died and 125 wounded in the attack while 19 are in a serious condition.


He claimed that at least one or two attackers were involved in the attack.


Turkish government condemned the attack and called it an attack on their integrity and solidarity.


Turkish President Recep Tayyib Erodogen said “When terrorist organizations and the ones who use them as a tool start losing their fight against the security forces, they apply the most cruel methods and target our innocent people.”


He claimed that such attacks cannot eliminate our fight against terrorism but further boost it.

No one claimed the responsibility yet.

A Court in Ankara banned Facebook and Twitter due to sharing images of incident.


A similar attack was also occurred in February to target military vehicles in the Capital which killed at least 28 people including 27 military personnel.


Last week, US Embassy in Ankara also warned of a possible terror attack in Capital to target government buildings.

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