-Supreme Court turns down Hussain Nawaz Lawyer's plea on JIT

-Supreme Court turns down Hussain Nawaz Lawyer's plea on JIT

ISLAMABAD – The Supreme Court of Pakistan has turned down the plea of the Hussain Nawaz counsel regarding the video recording of the JIT proceedings.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan endorsed the recording of sessions of six-member Joint Investigation Team with the witnesses appearing before it, in the purview of the probe into money trail of Sharif family.

Heading the three-member bench formed to oversee the JIT’s probe into the prime minister’s offshore assets, Justice Ejaz Afzal Khan remarked that recording was done to ensure authenticity.

‘Proceedings of the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) are recorded on video so an authentic record of the investigation can be maintained’ remarked Justice Ejaz.

During Wednesday’s hearing, Hassan’s counsel Khawaja Harris reiterated his client’s plea that video recording of JIT proceedings should not be done.

“JIT has no control on the CCTV cameras,” he said, commenting on the JIT’s report on the issue which was submitted to the court on Monday.

He also submitted reply regarding the detailed report submitted by the Wajid Zia-led JIT.

Responding to the concerns, Justice Ejaz observed that recordings were carried out so as to maintain accurate transcripts, adding that the facts of the case are not being affected by the procedure.

‘The nature of statements also does not change because of it’ he commented further.