Turkish parliamentarians briefed over IOJ&K's human rights situation, july 14, 2020

Turkish parliamentarians briefed over IOJ&K's human rights situation, july 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD-Pakistan's Ambassador Syrus Sajjad Qazi on Tuesday briefed Turkey's Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights Inquiry Hakan Çavusoglu, and Chairman of Turkey-Pakistan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Ali Sahin about deteriorating situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K).

During his visit to Turkish Grand National Assembly in the capital Ankara, the ambassador separately called on the two eminent parliamentarians amd drew their attention towards India’s illegal, unilateral and provocative measures aimed at changing the disputed status of Jammu & Kashmir.

He emphasized that Indian actions were not only a blatant violation of the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir as well as the international law, but also posed a direct threat to the peace and security of South Asia and the broader region, according to a message received here from Ankara.

Expressing his deep concern at the grave human rights and humanitarian situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir, Ambassador Qazi said that Kashmiris living under the Indian occupation were enduring a complete blockade for nearly a year.

Gross violations of human rights continued unabated and in the recent months, the Indian occupation forces has martyred dozens of innocent Kashmiris in fake “encounters,” and extra-judicial killings, the ambassador told the Turkish parliamentarians

He also highlighted that Kashmir Martyrs Day was commemorated on 13 July 2020 by millions of Kashmiris across the globe, recalling the sacrifices made by their forefathers in their just struggle and calling the international community to uphold their right to self-determination.

Ambassador Syrus Sajjad Qazi thanked the Turkish Parliament, government as well as the entire Turkish nation for their principled and unwavering support for the just resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.