Pakistani Youth is much talented than other countries, provided given opportunity: Youth Parliament leader Ubaid Qureshi

Pakistani Youth is much talented than other countries, provided given opportunity: Youth Parliament leader Ubaid Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Ubaid Qureshi who was the candidate of World Youth Movement for Democracy

Leadership Board Election in 2016 in an interview said; I am not going to take a part in next

upcoming election because I think ever youth activist leave space for others with the passage of

time if they avail it already.

He said; it’s really honor for me to get ticket from ASIA and

contested youth election 2016. My election advisory board tries their level best but it’s our first

time we don’t know how to create manifesto. ? How to do social campaign. ? We have limited

circle for vote no link beyond the Pakistan, but we contested election without any alliance which

was really a tough task for all of us how to contest election.

We are in shock till the day that how

I get ticket from ASIA. My advisory board of 20 people work hard and we successfully get more

than 7000 votes but lost by only 400 votes, Nepal candidate get seat in Leadership Board. it’s

not in my fate to get seat in World Leadership Board, but it doesn’t mean Pakistan Youth is not

talented and can’t get representation.

In a question about why they are not taking a part he said “I think I avail my opportunity now it

should be avail by someone else, I am currently committed with Youth Parliament and Senator

for Youth and Social issues, even if I selected I can’t perform better, so it’s good to give chance

someone else.” He also added; I am working on the criteria of selection and how to make an

alliance will share detail soon as it finalize.

This time one Male and Female will be nominated

for Youth Leadership election and try our level best to get seated.

He said; this time we will focus on alliance, social campaign and manifesto of Youth Leader

regarding their future vision, agenda and projects. Pakistan youth is much capable than other

countries youth, if they get chance they will perform much better than others. Win or loss is a

part of life, we must think of right instead of thinking about to winning something. In a response

of a question about designation he reply; “I think the person is known by his work instead of his

designation, I never prefer designation I always try to work as a member instead of a designated


I admit that I commit many mistakes in my career in social decision making because I

am also a human.” He added, we will try our level best to support and provide a chance to youth

activist to contest upcoming election, I will recommend one male and one female youth leader to

contest election and make Pakistan pride.

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