I was sexually abused too, says top Fashion icon

I was sexually abused too, says top Fashion icon

LAHORE - Catwalk Event Management chairperson Farieha Altaf has spoken about the sexual abuse she had to face in her childhood, after Kasur rape case surfaced.

“I was sexually abused by our cook at age 6. My parents took action but everyone remained silent as if it was my shame. At 34 I realised how it had impacted my life.the only shame is keeping SILENT,” Altaf wrote on Twitter.

Fashion model and actress Ushna Shah responded to Altaf by saying that she has given her courage to speak about it.

Ushna Shah wrote: "Thank you brave woman. Mustering up the courage to speak about mine now. This helps! Also, so sorry you went through that."

Another name from the fashion world, Maheen Khan shared on social media: "The Maulvi who came to teach me the Quran abused me sexually .I froze in fear day after day. Share in support of children subjected to the sick acts ..by so called custodians of our religion."

She asserted that she had begun to receive telephone calls after she tweeted about her traumatic experience, about similar incidents of clerics molesting little girls.