Ambassador Kobler projecting Pakistan’s soft image

Ambassador Kobler projecting Pakistan’s soft image

ISLAMABAD: German Ambassador Martin Kobler has become popular in Pakistan for projecting a soft image of the country through sharing information about culture and traditions of different areas of Pakistan on his Twitter account.

Of and on he is seen travelling the length and breadth of the country to attend local festivals and join the locals in their observance of their folk traditions, besides creating awareness about the social issues.

The envoy posted a video message in connection with ‘Pakistan Green and Clean’ campaign of Prime Minister Imran Khan, on his twitter handler on Wednesday, said,”The future of Pakistan is to save water and plant maximum trees.

“Every one of you is responsible to play his or her due role in the development of the country by planting a tree to make it more green and beautiful.”

Highlighting the importance of water, he said it was also very important to see, how “we use water at our homes for domestic purposes and how we wash our cars. We need to use water wisely to save future generations.”

Earlier in the day, Martin Kobler visited Radio Pakistan Islamabad, where he expressed his pleasure to participate in the programme to mark the World Radio Day.

The ambassador, in a tweet, said: “It was great to visit @PakistanRadio. shared thoughts on #WorldRadioDay! thank you, presenter Amna, for inviting me. Also was live on your favourite youth channel FM101. Radio is important to communicate with many #Pakistanis. do you guys also dedicate songs to ‘others’ on radio ?”