Indian Army stunned as two Kashmiris fought for 30 hours against them without food and medicine

Indian Army stunned as two Kashmiris fought for 30 hours against them without food and medicine

SRINAGAR - Indian Army is stunned with the revelation that 2 Kashmiri fighters fought the troops for 30 hours without any food or medicine. In what security officers find odd in a militant attack launched against security forces have not recovered any food item or medicines from the bodies of the two militants who were killed in Srinagar on Tuesday after a 30-hour gunbattle with security forces.

“We have recovered two AK-47 rifles and eight magazines. As per initial information, no food item or medicines have been recovered,” CRPF I-G (Srinagar) Ravideep Sahi said. Occupied Jammu and Kashmir Police has said that both are Lashkar operatives.

The encounter had begun early Monday morning after the two made a failed attempt to attack a CRPF camp. “Food and medicines not being found on them is odd as militants generally carry them for long-haul fighting where they are looking to take hostages, or get holed up.

However, this is not the first case in which a militant has not been found with food and medicines,” a security establishment officer said.

CRPF sources said it took a long time to kill the militants, even though they were holed up in an under-construction building. “We were not in a position to fire very large-area weapons to bring down the building, as we would have jeopardised other buildings in the area,” a senior CRPF officer said.

“Besides, to engage them one had to come out within a 30-metre distance without any cover. This delayed the operations,” the officer added. The officer said that enough grenades and shoulder-fired rockets were used “to smoke them out”.

CRPF Director General R R Bhatnagar said, “Most importantly, we prevented a much bigger incident by preventing them from entering our camp and limiting their movement in a building.” After that, he said, it was only a “matter of time” before they were killed.