Afghan Taliban release open letter to people of America

Afghan Taliban release open letter to people of America

KABUL - In a letter issued to the media on Wednesday, the Taliban called on the American people to put pressure on US President Donald Trump to change his war policy in Afghanistan and pursue peace.

The letter which is addressed to “the American people”, says the US invaded Afghanistan for three goals: “establishing security by eliminating the so-called terrorists inside Afghanistan, restoring law and order by establishing a legal government and eradicating narcotics”. However, the letter says the US and its allies have failed to achieve these goals.

The letter has mentioned that the continuance of war and remaining of US forces in Afghanistan is not in favor of anyone and that this “threatens the stability of the world”.

“Your president and his military and political officials following his war policies still speak the language of war in Afghanistan,” the letter says.

The Taliban asks the American people that if they want peaceful dialogue with the Afghans specifically and with the world generally, then they need to make their president (Donald Trump) and the “war-mongering congressmen and Pentagon officials understand this reality and compel them to adopt a rational policy towards Afghanistan”.

According to the letter, this will be the most constructive step for the stability of US people, the Afghans and the entire world.