Lahore High Court verdict on broadcasting Indian movies

Lahore High Court verdict on broadcasting Indian movies

LAHORE: (APP) The Lahore High Court has allowed a private cable channel to broadcast Indian movies in the light of statement made by the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) before the court.

In a written interim order issued here on Monday, LHC Chief Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah passed these interim orders on a petition filed by Leo Communication (Filmazia Channel) challenging ban on airing Indian content on cable tv network.

During the hearing on February 9, a federal Law officer along with Pemra's counsel appeared before the court and submitted that petitioner could broadcast Indian movies in accordance with Law.

To which, petitioner's counsel Asma Jehangir requested the court to allow the broadcast of Indian dramas in accordance with licence terms as they also fall under the entertainment. She sought time to place on record other licences wherein such practice was being followed.

However, PEMRA's counsel maintained that entertainment did not include dramas and sought time to submit material for establishing the same.

At this, the court allowing the petitioner to broadcast Indian movies adjourned further hearing till March 2.

The petitioner company had submitted that it was operating a private channel and had permission to air 10 percent foreign including Indian contents, under the section 7 of the licence .