Which type of men are most attractive to women, reveals research study

Which type of men are most attractive to women, reveals research study

WASHINGTON – A recent study has revealed that women rate the strongest men as the most attractive.

The report was published on Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B in which it was found that height and leanness are the appealing attributes. The strongest men were rated the most attracted when the group of women was asked to judge men by the photos of their bodies.

Aaron Lukaszewski, the study author, told that no one will be surprised by the idea that strong men are more attractive, adding that it is not a secret anymore that women like strong and muscular guys.

According to The Washington Post, the author said there was no nuance to the results. Not a single of the 160 women in the survey showed a statistical preference of attractiveness for weaker men.

Sixty of the shirtless men were recruited from the university gym; 130 were students enrolled in psychology courses. The researchers quantified the students  physical abilities via weightlifting machines, grip strength tests and other measures.

The raters were students in their teens or early 20s enrolled at Oklahoma State University and Australia s Griffith University. Men and women were asked to judge how attractive or strong they thought the men were, on a scale of 1 to 7. It was found that the people are good at guessing the men s strength.

A linear relationship between a man s rated strength and his attractiveness was discovered by the researcher.

Lukaszewski said, “What really explains the lion’s share in attractiveness is how strong a man looks."