Drone strikes have killed 4000 people in Pakistan during last one decade: Report

ISLAMABAD: A NGO Foundation for Fundamental Rights has issued a report on Drone attacks in Pakistan. The report stated that 4,000 Pakistanis including 200 children have been killed by the Drone attacks. As per details, NGO Foundation for Fundamental Rights issued a report regarding the loss of lives by drone strikes in Pakistan. The report revealed that 370 drone attacks has been stroked in Pakistan in the era of president Obama. 4000 innocent people including 200 children have lost their lives in drone strikes in last one decade. The report further stated that over $ 4 billion has spent on drone attacks from September 2014 to October 2015. America has not given a single penny to victims in Pakistan while compensation is given to the victims of Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. The organization said that it is violation of international laws that compensation is not given to the affected of drone attacks.