In Occupied Kashmir, it's Mujahid Vs Chowkidar Now

In Occupied Kashmir, it's Mujahid Vs Chowkidar Now

SRINAGAR - It is Mujahid versus Chowkidar in Occupied Kashmir .

Deputy Mayor of Srinagar Sheikh Mohommad Imran has made a controversial appeal to Kashmiris to prefix Mujahid (warrior) with their names a la Chowkidar.

"I am changing my name. I am prefixing my name with Mujahid. I am now Mujahid Sheikh Mohommad Imran. I request our youth to respond to Chowkidars by prefixing Mujahid with their names. The definition of Mujahid is one who is engaged in Jihad. Jihad is spiritual fight against the sins or the enemies of Islam," said Imran in a video released on social media platforms.

The Deputy Mayor noted that Islam and Jihad have been misinterpreted and he was proud to be called a Mujahid. "I want to make it clear that I am a proud Mujahid. Islam is a religion of peace. Our religion has been misinterpreted. Jihad and Mujahid have been misinterpreted. I will not say Jihad is not a fight against Islam. It is a spiritual fight against sins too," he said

Imran won the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) polls as an independent candidate last year. He was later elected deputy mayor of Srinagar Municipal Corporation with the support of Congress party. The elections for the ULB witnessed the lowest turnout and some Corporators got single-digit votes, which were from their family members.