Federal Government gives yet another big electric shock

Federal Government gives yet another big electric shock

ISLAMABAD – The power tariff on Monday was increased by Rs4.34 per unit, in yet another electric shock to the Pakistanis who are already facing unprecedented inflation in wake of floods and soaring prices.

In a notification, the power regulator said, the price increase shall be applicable to all the consumer categories except Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and lifeline consumers of all the Ex-WAPDA power distribution companies except K-Electric.

The adjustment shall be shown separately in the consumers’ bills on the basis of units billed to the consumers in the month of July 2022, the DISCOs shall reflect the fuel charges adjustment in respect of July 2022 in the billing month of September 2022, it said.

The development comes after the public hearing to consider the monthly fuel charges adjustment.

Earlier this month, the power regulator approved an increase of Rs3.39 per unit in power tariff on account of the fourth quarter adjustment of 2021-22.

Distressed masses staged demonstrations last month after receiving inflated bills for the month of August, which included added amounts under the fuel charges adjustment.