International auto company launches new Model in Pakistan

International auto company launches new Model in Pakistan

LAHORE – Honda Atlas has launched the all-new Honda BR-V Facelift 7-seat MPV in Pakistan today with exhilarating features.

According to CarSpiritPK, although facelifts are introduced half-way through a products life span to keep it fresh and attractive to consumers before a new generation model replaces it, however in market like ours where there is zero competition, things can be a little different.

Honda was once considered pioneers in introducing new models and updating facelifts in regular intervals. However for a last decade or so, they are happily following the footsteps of Pak Suzuki.

Having introduced so many negligible cosmetic updates to the decade-old 5th generation City, as well as stripping off features from the new Civic facelift, it’s quite hard for us to expect the company to offer a true BR-V facelift since the company itself has distorted the meaning of this term.