Pakistan Military to retaliate back to Indian misadventure within ten minutes only


LONDON - Director General ISPR Major General Ghafoor categorically stated that the surgical strike is a myth and India was running lies to discredit Pakistan.

“We have the power to retaliate within ten minutes if any adventure is carried out. There should be no doubt about that,” he asserted.

He said that the freedom movement of Kashmiris is indigenous and does not have external support. “Independence of Kashmir is in the DNA of Kashmiris, the movement for freedom is completely independent, India knows it well that there is no interference from Pakistan, Kashmiris are fighting for the war of their survival and India knows Kashmiris are right and they will win and the struggle of Kashmiris will be won by Kahsmiris.

They are freedom fighters and not terrorists, India has used every kind of power to suppress Kashmiris but failed.”

The DG ISPR said that Pakistan has no issue with the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) but there are concerns about the way it's operating and the message it is trying to portray to mislead Pakistanis. He said that the PTM leader was a Pakistani who studied at an army school and at no point the army has said anything against him.