Navjot Singh Sidhu yet again ignites Indian government

Navjot Singh Sidhu yet again ignites Indian government

MUMBAI - Former cricketer and Punjab Congress minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has stirred yet another controversy in his country with a blunt statement.

Sidhu said that his travel experience to Pakistan was way better than South India . The following remarks were made by the Congress leader while he was participating in the 7th Khushwant Singh Literature Fest in Kausauli.

As per reports, when AAP MLA questioned Sidhu about the affinity between the two Punjabs, he said that he travels a lot to South. He added that he failed to understand the language there and also the food is something that he cannot have for a longer period of time, reported the TimesNow.

Sidhu then recalled his recent trip to Pakistan and said that the language was the same. He added that one abuse in Punjabi overpowers 10 abuses made in English.

To a question, he said: My Jhapi [to Pakistan army chief] was no conspiracy, it was no Rafale deal…I hugged you…is this a conspiracy or what? If somebody tells me that they are ready to open the Kartarpur corridor. I mean they said it 400 times that we are ready to open the corridor then this is the way I show affection. I will hug and also kiss them. I care two hoots about people who play dirty politics on that. I have lived my life on my terms.

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