Pakistan to host International Badminton Tournament

Pakistan to host International Badminton Tournament

ISLAMABAD: The US $8,000 International Badminton Tournament will be held here at the Liaquat Gymnasium of Pakistan Sports Complex from November 8 to 12.

The event has been allotted by the Badminton World Federation (BWF) to Pakistan Badminton Federation (PBF).

Teams from Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Maldives, Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Sri-Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Pakistani Badminton Players will participate for top honors in the event, said a press release issued here from Pakistan Sports Board on Friday.

PBF have received entries in Men’s Singles, Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles from the above counties.

This tournament will boost the upcoming players of Pakistan and the soft image of Pakistan.

An amount of US $8,000 will be distributed as prize money in the tournament along with medals and trophies to the winners andrunners-up.

The Pakistan Sports Board has recommended the Inter Provincial Coordination Ministry to issue NOC, in principle, for holding the above International Tournament in Pakistan Sports Complex. – APP