Prof Khalid Mahmood of LGH awarded in Russia

Prof Khalid Mahmood of LGH awarded in Russia

LAHORE: Renowned Professor of NeurosurgeryProf Dr Khalid Mahmood has returned home after attending an International Conference at Federal Centre of Neuro Surgery in Russia where he was given an award by Governor Tyumen Region Russia Mr Vladimir Yakushev.

Talking to the media, Prof Khalid Mahmood said that it was a great honour to represent Pakistan at the highest forum, where he delivered lectures and proved to the international faculty that Pakistani doctors were not behind in ability and professional capability.

He said that in his lecture he briefed the participants about the process of removing brain tumours through nose and DBS system, which was quite informative for the participants.

Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood said that continuous research in thefield of medical is imperative and our progress is visible inthis field. He said that it was indeed a matter of pride for himthat Governor of Tyumen personally gave Ivory Souvenir to himand acknowledged his contribution towards neurosurgery.

Prof Dr Khalid Mahmood said that in Pakistan especially Punjabspecial efforts were made for providing research to the doctors and its credit went to Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, who made extraordinary efforts in the health sector and held a roadshow in United Kingdom.