Prince Harry violates British Army code of conduct

Prince Harry violates British Army code of conduct

LONDON - King Charles isn’t the only royal taking up the headlines for taking Queen Elizabeth’s Royal Remembrance day duties, so is Prince Harry and his beard.

Media outlets are accusing the 33-year-old for breaking military rules by wearing a beard while on official duty in a British army uniform. Prince William and Prince Andrew were clean-shaven for the event.

British army doesn’t allow beards unless it conflicts with a person’s religion.

However, the prince left the military in 2015 with a spokesman for the ministry of Defense telling the Daily Mail, “He therefore, no longer has to comply with those regulations.”

An unnamed member of the armed forces thinks Prince Harry should have shaved his beard for such an important event.

Remembrance Day also known as ‘Poppy Day’ is a memorial day that has been observed since the end of World War I to remember those who have died in the line of duty.