China impressed with Pakistan Army heroic action

China impressed with Pakistan Army heroic action

ISLAMABAD - China highly appreciates the heroic action of Pakistani Army & law enforcement agencies against the terrorists who attacked the PC hotel in Gwadar.

China Economic Net reported from Gwadar, four terrorists who stormed Hotel at afternoon of the 11th May have all been killed.

Thanks to the immediate and strong action against the attack from the Pakistani army, there is no Chinese casualty.

According to the Economic Net’s report, the Chinese Embassy strongly condemned terrorist attack. It said, the heroic action of Pakistani Army & law enforcement agencies is highly appreciated. The embassy, on behalf of the Chinese government and the people expressed condolences to the families of the security guard who sacrificed his life and two security men who were injured.

There were no Chinese and other foreigners staying in the hotel when the incident happened, said the police. Apart from the sacrifice of one guard and two injured, there was no any other casualties. The report says, 53 Chinese people were present in the Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone, hundreds meters away from the site of the incident.

They were immediately transferred to a safe house under the protect of Pakistani police after the attack. Zhang Baozhong, Chairman of COPHC in charge of the operation of Gwadar port and Gwadar Free Zone, informed the public on social media platform that, “all our Chinese fellows are staying in safe area. No one is trapped or injured as claimed by some foreign media.”

The Pearl Continental (PC) Hotel is located on the Koh-e-Batil Hill, near the Gwadar Port and Gwadar Free Zone, and is secured by armed guards. A Pakistani troop is also based near the hotel.

Having been to the hotel one month ago, Journalists of China Economic Net discovered that from the position of the hotel, one can get an overview of the Port and the Free Zone, and look far into distance of the whole Gwadar area.

The five-star hotel is frequented by Chinese people in the initial construction phase of Gwadar port. According to a local media, Baloch Liberation Army BLA claims responsibility for the attack on Pearl Continental Gwadar in emailed statement, and disclosed the names and images of 4 gunmen who carried out the Attack.