Raja Riaz decides to join PTI

Raja Riaz decides to join PTI

LAHORE: Former Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly and PPP leader Raja Riaz has decided to leave Pakistan People Party and Join PTI.

Sources claimed that Raja Riaz was unhappy with top leadership of Pakistan People Party due to decision of Party leadership. The decision was taken by former opposition leader due to differences with party leadership including Asif Ali Zardari and Faryal Talpur.

All the matters have been finalized between Imran Khan and Raja Riaz in a meeting while he would formally announce to join PTI on rally of PTI in Faisalabad that is going to be held on May 20.

Sources further said that PPP senior leader was angry with Faryal Talpur and he tried to approach Asif Ali Zardari but he could not get time.

Raja Riaz said in his statement that he was being ignored for last three years and tried to push against the wall by few party leaders that’s why he decided to join PTI.

Raja further added that party leadership is informed by him several times regarding the issues of workers and organisational structure of party but he could not by heard by Pakistan People Party leadership.