Pakistan used indigenous built JF 17 fighter jets in dog fight against IAF: Report

Pakistan used indigenous built JF 17 fighter jets in dog fight against IAF: Report

ISLAMABAD - New Delhi has exposed Pakistan’s nuclear bluff, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on an Indian TV channel, as cited by the Hindustan Times. Sputnik has discussed the statement with Asif Durrani, former Pakistani ambassador to Iran and the UAE, who also served in India, Afghanistan, the UK and the Pakistan Mission to the UN in New York.

Sputnik: Meanwhile Pakistan’s Foreign Office says that India’s claims about F-16s are aimed to satisfy Indian domestic audiences. Is this the case?

Asif Durrani: We didn’t use the F-16s; we, in fact, used JF-17 Thunder, which is made by Pakistan and China in the joint collaboration. So, it is all wrong; [it is] propaganda by the Indians. While they have been engaging in this kind of propaganda, it has not served their purpose and if they want to do it, by all means, they can do it.

Sputnik: Iran meanwhile sided with New Delhi, warning Islamabad against “state-sponsored terrorism which sources are well-known”. What exactly is Tehran referring to?

Asif Durrani: Between Iran and Pakistan, we’ve had this problem because they also have a problem in Balochistan. We have problems with our Balochistan. And on both sides, the Baluch people struggle both sides of the border.

Under the easement rights whereby both sides, the divided sides, can travel to each other within 60 kilometres of the border. So, we understand what Iran is trying to say. But we also have some complaints, which have been addressed.

And let me tell you also that in the past whenever if someone was involved from our Balochistan, we had this connection; and if there were some Iranian Baloch who were involved and took shelter in our Balochistan; those were apprehended and handed over to the Iranians.

So I think we both understand what we are talking about; and yes, the IRGC commander has spoken about something in harsh words, we have registered that but we have told Iran our point of view through the diplomatic channels. - Sputnik