Pakistani diplomat harassed in India yet again

Pakistani diplomat harassed in India yet again

NEW DEHLI – Another incident of harassment of Pakistani diplomat has been revealed in New Delhi on Tuesday.

An embassy car carrying a Pakistani diplomat was intercepted in Indian capital.

Few days ago Indian agencies harassed Pakistani diplomats and their families stationed in Delhi and today again another incident is reported which was recorded by the diplomat.

An Indian vehicle intercepted a Pakistani diplomat’s car and a person clicked pictures of the envoy before speeding away in the car.

Sources privy to Pakistan High Commission in India , the issue was raised with Ministry of External Affairs and demanded the government to keep a check on security agencies’ authorities.

It was further reported that another Pakistani diplomat’s car was intercepted earlier and children of the diplomat were harassed.

Pakistan’s envoys in India have had severe restrictions given the tensions between the neighbouring countries.

There have been incidents of Pakistan’s envoys being barred from convening meetings with Hurriyat leaders from Kashmir valley that has been occupied by India for decades.

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