Hussain Haqqani: A traitor unfolds his tale


WASHINGTON: Pakistan’s former US ambassador Hussain Haqani has confessed of assisting American agents to make their way in the country for Abbotabad operation.

The revelations were made in Haqani’s article published in Washington Post.

The former ambassador has written that he not only aided the US intelligence agencies but also persuaded the then government to allow the agents to operate in Pakistan.

“What’s more, the relationships I forged with members of Obama’s campaign team also led to closer cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in fighting terrorism over the 31/2 years I served as ambassador. 

These connections eventually enabled the United States to discover and eliminate bin Laden,” he said.

According to Haqani, the agents arrived in Pakistan and paved way for Abbotabad operation.

“Friends I made from the Obama campaign were able to ask, three years later, as National Security Council officials, for help in stationing U.S. Special Operations and intelligence personnel on the ground in Pakistan. I brought the request directly to Pakistan’s civilian leaders, who approved. 

Although the United States kept us officially out of the loop about the operation, these locally stationed Americans proved invaluable when Obama decided to send in Navy SEAL Team 6 without notifying Pakistan,” read the article.

He wrote that the then government wanted prominent change in the foreign policy and also sought better relations with Afghanistan and India.

On this promise of Pakistan, Obama administration made a record increase in Pakistan’s economic aid however; the promise was not fulfilled later.

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