TAPI gas pipeline project to be completed by 2019

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said that government is trying to regulate LPG sector after deregulating CNG sector.


As per details, he was addressing the members of chamber of commerce and industries here at Multan. He said that government will import LPG as per its needs and control its prices after regulating the LPG sector. LPG gas will be available at fixed prices to the consumers throughout the year.


Talking about the TAPI gas pipeline he said that a good progress is being made on the Pak Iran and TAPI gas pipeline and TAPI project will be completed by 2019.


Abbassi further stated that if Pakistan does not take gas from Iran then Pakistan will have to pay a huge fine in this regard. Minister for Petroleum said that government is taking effective steps to improve the gas infrastructure.