Af-Pak Border: Situation worsens at Torkham Border

Af-Pak Border: Situation worsens at Torkham Border

TORKHEM: Curfew has been imposed after clashes between Pak-Afghan forces here at Torkhem border on Sunday night while locals have been directed to stay in their homes.

As per details, several people were injured including a security personnel due to indiscriminate firing of Afghan forces on Pakistan side at Torkhem crossing point. Pak Army responded to indiscriminate firing of Afghan forces effectively after that Afghan government sent its troops towards border.

Due to the growing clashes at Torkhem border , curfew has been imposed here at area of Torkhem and Landi Kotal by local administration and directed people to stay their homes.

Emergency has been declared in nearby hospitals while vehicles carrying passengers and freight intended to cross border, have also been sent back.

According to ISPR , Pakistan is constructing a gate here in its own side to stop the movement of terrorists because Pak-Afghan border Torkhem is a very busy crossing point and several terrorists have been found to use this crossing point for sabotaging acts.

ISPR further added that clashes occurred between Pakistan and Afghan forces due to constructing of gate to improve the border management in order to curb militants movements at Torkhem border .


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