Pakistani University to fine female students for wearing Jeans

Pakistani University to fine female students for wearing Jeans

ISLAMABAD - Bahria University in Islamabad has established a ‘proper’ dress code for its female students. In a message being attributed to the director that is circulating on Whatsapp, the university informed its female students that they will be fined Rs5,000 if they wear “jeans, tights, trousers or short shirts”.

In the past, the university has enforced similar discriminatory rules such as asking students to maintain a “6-inch distance link” and barring female students link from using all food outlets except ‘Dean’s Cafeteria’ at the campus.

Apparently, the only acceptable dress code is “shalwar with a long shirt” and a mandatory dupatta. The university notes that such a rule has been made due to “several unethical observations” and with the consent of parents and faculty members.

“Certain rules need to be followed as they are otherwise you may face consequences because it is from the higher authority.”

It is better to be “safe than sorry”, the notification notes, for all the students are “supposed to show a bit of compliance with the law or follow a proper channel against it”.

The orders are supposed to be in effect by January 14, 2019.