Akon sends message to PM Imran Khan ahead of arrival in Pakistan

Akon sends message to PM Imran Khan ahead of arrival in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD – Grammy award-winning R&B artist Akon, who will kick off World Soccer Stars in April, has a message for Prime Minister Imran Khan.

“Yo, Imran Khan, It’s ya boy Akon, I’m looking forward to coming to Pakistan, are you ready for me,” the Smack That singer said in a video message on Twitter. link

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International celebrities touring Pakistan isn’t a far-fetched notion anymore. PTI SMT warmly welcomes renowned singer Akon to the Land of Hospitality, the Land of Pakistan. 11:15 PM - Jan 12, 2019 link

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Akon will be arriving in Karachi and Lahore to perform concerts between April 26- 29 this year.

He will be performing as a part of the football legends event involving Ricardo Kaka and Luis Figo, who visited the country on January 10 to promote football in the country. link


Yes, you heard it right, Pakistan! AKON is coming to add great music to some amazing football. @LuisFigo link @KAKA link link #WSSOfficial2019 link # UnitedForFootball link # Pakistan link #Lahore link #Karachi link 12:16 AM - Jan 11, 2019 link

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“It’s time to rock Pakistan, I am looking forward to visiting Karachi and Lahore with TouchSky Group. So let’s get it down in Pakistan with World Soccer Stars,” Akon had tweeted earlier regarding his visit.