Russia test fires latest anti ballistic interceptor missile

Russia test fires latest anti ballistic interceptor missile

MOSCOW - The Russian Defense Ministry has released footage of the testing of its latest interceptor missile which is designed to protect Moscow from nuclear attacks.

In the footage released on Monday, the interceptor can be seen being fired from the Sary Shagan test range in Kazakhstan.

Dubbed the PRS-1M, the new missile is apparently designed to replace the 53T6 short-range anti-ballistic missile, which is the main component of the country's ABM shield that protects Moscow from a possible nuclear attack.

“A new modernized anti-missile [system] precisely hit the conditional target. The preparation to the launch and the launch itself were conducted by the personnel of the anti-missile military unit and the command of the anti-missile and missile defense of the Russian Aerospace Forces in cooperation with enterprises of the industry at the anti-ballistic missile testing range,” said Colonel Andrey Prikhodko, the deputy commander of Anti-Missile and Missile Defense Command of Russian Aerospace Forces.