MQM Salman Mujahid Baloch accused of sexually assaulting, blackmailing woman


KARACHI: MQM Pakistan leader Salman Mujahid Baluchistan seems to be in big trouble as a woman has accused him of sexual assault, blackmailing and kidnapping.

Woman has filed a complaint against MQM-Pakistan’s leader Salman Mujahid Baloch on Tuesday, claiming that he had sexually assaulted and then blackmailed her at the Parliament Lodges in Islamabad.

The woman filed a complaint against Salman Mujahid at the Gulshan police station in which she claimed that Salman Mujahid called her to Islamabad on the pretext of giving her a job.

The MQM-P leader, according to the woman, pretended to everyone that she was his nephew.

The name of the woman is Aleena and she claimed that Salman Mujahid sexually assaulted her at the Parliament Lodges in Islamabad and made a video of it from a hidden camera.

The woman alleged in her complaint that Salman Mujahid , after assaulting her, asked for her forgiveness and promised to marry her. Later, he backtracked on his promise to tie the knot with her.

She also said that Salman Mujahid demanded Rs 4 million from her in exchange for the video. She further alleged that the MQM MNA had her brother kidnapped and had him tortured at Abid Town.