Pakistan - China Great Game in Afghanistan and India's nightmare

Pakistan - China Great Game in Afghanistan and India's nightmare

NEW DEHLI: While Indian political parties, both ruling and opposition, are discussing merits and demerits of "Gau Raksha" (Cow Protection) and world focussed on Rio Olympic Games; Pakistan and China have played  master stroke in Afghanistan. On 03 August 2016, in Uramqui, a Chinese city of Jin Xiang province, Army Chiefs of nations met to sign a Quadrilateral Cooperation And Coordination treaty in Counter Terrorism.( QCCM).


The four countries are: China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajakistan. It is a smart attempt to wean away Afghanistan and marginalise India in Afghanistan and thus curtail its military manoeuvrability. This is a back door method used by Pakistan.


Surprisingly, while Afghanistan blames Pakistan for all terrorist activities in Afghanistan; it is not understood as to how it is getting into a pact with Pakistan on Counter Terrorism? Does she think that Pakistan will stop Haqqani Network operations in Afghanistan? The purpose of this pact is to covertly wean away Afghanistan from India's influence and establish a Pakistan friendly government.


This poses serious concern for India's Security. Primary aim of Pakistan is to remove threat in being from Afghanistan, which can throw into doldrums its Kashmir action plan. Besides, China and Pakistan are also worried about their CPEC ( China Pakistan Economic Corridor) programme which seeks $46 billion commitment  by China to spend for the  economic growth of a 3000 km Corridor running through Gilgit- Baltistan  ; Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtoonqkhwa (KPK) .


What is shocking is that Indian Media is not talking and discussing this. They are more interested in "Gau Raksha"( Cow Protection) or unrest in Kashmir. They do not realise that china is involved in encirclement and isolation of India.


QCCM pact will throw Indo-Iran Chabahar deal into jeopardy. It is to keep India away from Afghanistan. Not only media but even our politicians do not realise as to how seriously it affects India's national interests. This is also a threat to Ashgar Ghani Presidency in Afghanistan. At some stage Afghan National Army will be infiltrated and rest can be extrapolated.  Unfortunately Indian politicians are ignorant or unconcerned about this.


Pakistan and China have played master stroke by taking Afghanistan into its fold while keeping India at arms length from Afghanistan.


Written by : Colonel Rajindhar Singh