Govt facing constraint of resources to establish burn centers

Govt facing constraint of resources to establish burn centers

MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan told Legislative Assembly that government was fully aware of the need to establish burn centers at Muzaffarabad and Rawalakot but the insufficient resources are creating hurdles in their constructions.

Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan while responding calling attention notices of female members legislative Assembly Naseema Wani, Faiza Imtiaz, Sehrish Qamar, Rifat Aziz and Shazia Akbar Chaudhary.

In calling attention notice is was said that there was no burn center in the region except a private one in Mirpur district and government was facing constraint of resources to establish such centers in government hospitals.

The Prime Minister informed the house that despite limited resources his government was taking measures to improve health facilities in the region besides adding 60 beds in combined military hospital (CMH) Muzaffabad while a separate children ward had been constructed in the hospital.

He invited the private sector establish such centers with public private partnership to meet the public growing public needs in health sector and assured the house that government will establish such centers in Rawalakot and Muzaffarabad soon.

Minister Communication Chaudhary Muhammad Aziz told the house that load measurement centers would be established at all major roads to strictly check overloading of goods vehicles to avoid destruction of roads as the government was spending huge amount on road infrastructure.

Responding an urgent question of member Assembly Sardar Muhammad Sagheer Khan Chughtai, the minister told the house that the government was taking strict measures to safeguard the major roads from destruction due to unchecked overloading of vehicles.

“Fine would be charged from the vehicles having 15 percent over load while the vehicles overloaded more than 15 percent will be offloaded at such stations established to check load at different points,” the minister added.

Meanwhile, the house adopted many resolutions including condemnation of an attack on Mosque in Chris Church city of Newzealand, Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir and demanding the federal government to ban pornographic websites on internet.

Member Assembly Chaudhary Shehzad Ahmad and Sardar Sagheer Chughtai moved separate resolutions in the house condemning the Chris Church carnage which were adopted unanimously in the form of a joint resolution by the house.

The resolution also expressed solidarity with the Muslims living in Newzeland and appreciated the role of Kiwis Prime Minister after the incident.

The house also adopted a resolution moved by MLA Rifat Aziz condemning Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir, across line of control aggression and creation of war hysteria by the India in the region.

The resolution demanded the international community to intervene in the situation in the greater interest of peace in the region and influence India to resolve the conflict of Jammu and Kashmir peacefully.

A resolution against vulgarity was jointly moved by female legislatures Ms Naseema Wani, Rifat Aziz, Shazia Akbar, Faiza Imtiaz and Sehrish Qamar calling upon the federal government to ban pornographic web pages on internet to safe guard the young generation from vulgarism which was also adopted by the house.