Momina Mustehsan unveils her future ambitions

Momina Mustehsan unveils her future ambitions

LAHORE – Top actress Momina Mustehsan has unveiled her future ambitions in social work in Pakistan.

She recently visited a girls school in Pakistan and posed with a small group of student. The uniform clad girls seem happy with the encouragement received by Momina who is an inspiration for many.

A while ago, the young singer had sparked a debate when her video was shown on social media in which she is answering a question regarding feminism that she very lightly avoided. Women were feeling let down by her stance.

Earlier than that, she was also criticized for her constricted view on social media star Qandeel Baloch’s death.

Girl’s education is a major problematic topic in Pakistan and such attention given to the topic will surely make people wonder what can be done about improving the current statistics regarding the matter.

Hence we are hoping this gesture will make people restore their faith in her.