Pakistan Cricket Team coach Micky Arthur warns players

Pakistan Cricket Team coach Micky Arthur warns players

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Team coach has warned the players about their old style of cricket.

Pakistan cricket coach Mickey Arthur has warned his players it’s time to embrace modern cricket and leave behind the “20th century” playing style.

"This isn't just dressing room speak," Arthur said in an interview to the Pakistan Cricket Board. “I've told the players that we were playing cricket that belonged in the 20th century. 

We hadn't embraced the new modern game yet, and that was for a number of reasons, like not playing at home, or [not] having the exposure to the IPL that the rest of the world has had.”

“So there were a lot of mitigating factors, but the fact is, if we've got to compete with them, we have to start embracing the modern trend,” he added, reiterating the importance of adopting an aggressive approach to cricket if Pakistan are to stand a chance against rival teams.


Arthur lamented the lack of power hitters in the Pakistan batting lineup and admitted it was not something that could be coached into players overnight.

“It [lack of power hitters] is a worry. When we get on good wickets, we can't match the other countries… Teams are getting 100 runs in the last ten overs now. We're getting 70, at best. 

We didn't get a run-a-ball in the last five overs the other day in a T20 [against West Indies]. That's not good enough; that's not going to win us games,” he said.