Afghanistan feels the pain of Af-Pak border closure

Afghanistan feels the pain of Af-Pak border closure

ISLAMABAD: Afghanistan’s permanent ambassador to United Nations Suraya Dalil alleged that Afghanistan had to suffer 90 million dollars trade deficit due to the shutting down of Pak-Afghan borders.

“Steps taken by Pakistan are tantamount to full suspension of trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Afghan exporters were stopped from consigning any goods in Pakistan while transit trade was affected badly, she said this in United Nation’s GENEVA office.

The loss caused to exports is estimated at 6 million dollars, she added.

According to Chamber of Commerce and Industry Afghanistan’s report, Afghan traders had to suffer overall loss from 80 to 90 million dollars, she held.

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan had shut down all its Afghan border checkpoints of Durand line on February 17 after terrorist attacks from the side of Afghanistan meanwhile the border was reopened on March 21.