Kashmir EU Council condemns Indian Army Brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir 

LONDON: Kashmir Council European Union condemned Indian Army Brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir.


KC-EU Chairmen Ali Raza Syed held a protest against the state terrorism of India that killed 2 youth and one woman by firing on a protest in Handwara district of north Kashmir.


Ali Raza Syed said “The killing of innocent and un-armed people is inhuman and unbearable act. Indian authorities have snatched right of a respectable and peaceful life from the people of Kashmir as their life, dignity and honour is insecure in IHK. Killing of the people has become a routine matter in the region of Jammu and Kashmir.”


He claimed that India is terrifying Kashmiris to quit from their struggle for freedom but they will not give up.


He urged the international community to take immediate action for the peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute.


Indian Army killed three kashmiris by firing on a protest held against the Indian Army soldier for sexual harassment of a school girl.