It is issue of Panama leaks and not medical treatment of PM :Tahir ul Qadri

ISLAMABAD: PAT leader Tahir ul Qadri alleged that Sharif’s family has been making off shore companies abroad through corruption, tax evasion and black money for last 30 years.


While addressing through video link here at today (Wednesday) he said that those who earn money through legal way, they do not need to make off shore companies adding that according to High Court London they had off shore companies before 1980.


He questioned that who would ask and hold them accountable over the allegations of Panama leaks. Panama leaks is the biggest scandal of country history while Prime Minister of different countries are resigning without any commission but PM Nawaz has departed to London instead of facing allegations.


PAT leader claimed that 200 billion dollars in Swiss banks have deep link with Panama leaks and PM Nawaz departed to London to bring documentary evidences over the questions about Panama leaks but everyone knows that those who run their business legally, do not need to make off shore companies.