Asif Zardari has been advised by senior leadership not to hold meeting with PM Nawaz  

ISLAMABAD: Reports of differences between PPP leadership are being surfaced over the expected meeting of PM Nawaz with Asif Zardari as some senior PPP leaders have advised Asif Zardari not to meet with PM Nawaz because it would leave severe impacts on the politics of PPP.


Sources claimed that Co-Chairman Asif Zardari has to facing a lot of pressure by PPP senior leaders for not to hold meeting with PM Nawaz in London because it would create further difficulties for party and damage the party image.


PPP senior leaders advised Asif Zardari for not holding meeting with Nawaz so that tough time would be given to PML-N government over Panama Leaks issue.


PM Nawaz family is facing a lot of criticism over off-shore companies so in this situation to hold meeting with PM Nawaz is not in favour of PPP, senior leaders stated adding that Pakistani masses have also concerns over the matter.


On the other hand, Bilawal Bhutto also sought for clarification from Rehman Malik to hold meeting with federal minister Ishaq Dar.