Pakistan and America inch closer on the economic front

Pakistan and America inch closer on the economic front

KARACHI: Pakistan and America inch closer on the economic front as investment conference was held in United States by Pakistani and US businessmen for further promoting the investment and business climate.

The 4th annual Pakistan Investment Conference wrapped up after wide-ranging discussions on enhancement of bilateral trade ties between Pakistan and the United States alongside exploration of foreign investment avenues.

Hosted by JS Global- a subsidiary of JS Bank, the conference aimed to connect Pakistani corporates with their US counterparts and build communication channels for growth and technology transfers.

During the visit, the delegation met with representatives of the US State Department, Chamber of Commerce, USAID, US-Pak Business Council and global fund managers.

The delegation was led by Imran Ismail – Governor Sindh and included Ali JehangirSiddiqui – Ambassador for Foreign Investment, Kamran Nasir – CEO JSGL, BasirShamsie, President & CEO JS Bank, Khalid Mansoor- CEO HUBCO, EhsanMalik – CEO Pakistan Business Council, alongside other CEO’s and CFO’s from leading Pakistani corporations.

Imran Ismail shared his views remarking, “Post President Trumps meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan was invited by the US to explore trade potential between the two countries for enhancement of bilateral relations.

I am positive that the Pakistan Investment Conference will play an important role in attracting foreign and portfolio investments to strengthen the economy of Pakistan.”

During the visit, Ali Jehangir stated, “Pakistan has improved in terms of an attractive investment destination; investors should consider Pakistan as a market of good returns and secure investments.”

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