Shahid Afridi hit back by veteran team manager

Shahid Afridi hit back by veteran team manager

KARACHI - The U19 team manager and former Pakistani player Sadiq Mohammad has hit back against Shahid Afridi after his criticism against the veteran.

He has asked Shahid Afridi that he should respect legends.

“It is his thinking and how he takes his legends. He is old enough to know that he should respect the legends of Pakistan. He has said those words in a taunting manner so that is his problem,” said Mohammad while talking to The Express Tribune. “If it was me in place of him, I wouldn’t have said anything like that to my seniors.”

Mohammad also advised Afridi to be careful whenever he gives a statement.

“He is a mature person and has played with and under great players. He should know when to stop. I won’t do anything except making the team performance better in the U19 Asia Cup. That will be my answer to him,” he said.

Earlier, Afridi on Saturday had said that Mohammad is not the right choice for the post of U19 team manager.

“I respect Sadiq Mohammad but he is too old for the post,” the former all-rounder said while speaking to the media in Karachi.

The former captain also added that the Mohammad needs prayers and he should now rest rather than working

Mohammad in reply to this said: “Although I am 73-years-old but still I can stand in the field for more than eight hours. But that is not the requirement of manager post. A manager’s role is purely administrative as they have to analyze the performance by sitting in office.”

Mohammad also commented on Afridi’s suggestion of appointing a young player for the post by saying: “If Misbahul Haq and Younis Khan agree on working at this post then well and good, but I have much experience and I have come from a those areas where all facilities were not available, so I know where to work on.”