Indian PM Modi to divide Occupied Kashmir in three parts

Indian PM Modi to divide Occupied Kashmir in three parts

NEW DELHI - India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi likely to change the political map of Indian-held Kashmir (IHK) by dividing the disputed state into three parts, a daily newspaper reported while quoting ‘credible sources’ in the PM Office in New Delhi.

“The Indian government will create three union territories of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh,” according to the Jammu-based *Early Times*. It said that Prime Minister Modi was ‘very serious’ about Kashmir. “He (Modi) wants to resolve the ‘Kashmir issue’ before the general elections of 2019,” it said.

Quoting the sources, the paper reported that the Indian prime minister wants to resolve the Kashmir issue during his first-term itself. “It is possible that he (Modi) may himself in a month or so declare division of Kashmir into three parts,” it said.

According to PMO officials, the Modi government was working out a scheme that would lead to the trifurcation of the disputed state. “If all goes well, the Kashmir map would be changed and Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh would be created as the union territories,” they said.

The report claimed that the ‘division’ of the disputed territory would lead to the ‘resolution’ of many problems. India’s ruling party knows that it can’t form a government in the disputed state on its own and that it has to depend either on the National Conference or the People’s Democratic Party if it wants to share power.

Under such a situation, the Indian ruling elite can’t abrogate Article 370 of the constitution. An Indian officer at the PM Office claimed that the Modi government would divide the disputed state before the general elections of 2019. “He (Modi) will himself announce this (controversial) decision,” he said.