Hasan Nawaz - Hussain Nawaz red warrants likely by NAB Court

Hasan Nawaz - Hussain Nawaz red warrants likely by NAB Court

ISLAMABAD -  The NAB Court is likely to declare Hussain Nawaz and Hasan Nawaz proclaimed offenders on the next date of hearing as the 30-day time given to them to join the trial has expired on November 8.

Legal experts say initially the court will declare both of them proclaimed offenders and issue their perpetual arrest warrants , besides issuing ruling to freeze all the movable and immoveable properties in their names in the country.

The prosecution could also proceed against them under Section 31-A of NAB Ordinance to convict both in absentia and under the law they can be awarded punishment up to three years.

Section 31-A  of NAB Ordinance reads: “Whoever absconds in order to avoid being served with any process issued by any court or any other authority or officer under this ordinance or in any manner avoids or evades the service on himself of such process or conceals himself to screen himself from the proceedings or punishment under this ordinance shall be guilty of an offence (under the ordinance) punishable with imprisonment which may extend to three years notwithstanding the provisions of sections 87 and 88 of (code) or any other law from the time being in force.”

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