Death in Ankara twin bombing crosses 100

Two Turkish security sources claimed ISIS were behind the two explosions which killed more than 100 and wounded 247 more at a peace rally in Ankara. A pro Kurdish party involved in the rally where the bombs went off believes the true death. Security sources say they suspect Islamic State (IS) bombed the rally. The government has furiously denied suggestions it ws involved in the attacks itself. The blasts took place near Ankara’s central train station as people gathered for a march organized by leftist groups demanding an end to the violence between the Turkish government and Kurdish separatist PKK militants. In an expected announcement, the PKK declared a unilateral ceasefire, calling on its fighters to halt its guerilla activities in Turkey except in cases of self-defence. How ever, the Turkish military said it had carried out air strikes against the group, attacking targets in south-eastern Turkey as well as PKK positions northern Iraq. Scuffle broke out with the police after some mourners tried to lay flowers at the sites where the bombs went off on Saturday Oct, 2015. After the day thousands of people had gathered the square in central Ankara where a peace rally had been due to take place before it was interrupted by violence.

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