Punjab Government mega project “Saaf Paani” worth Rs. 117 billions launched


LAHORE: (APP) Punjab Government mega project “Saaf Paani” worth Rs. 117 billions launched


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said clean drinking water is a basic necessity of humans and the Punjab government has started Saaf Pani project to protect the citizens from diseases and establish a healthy society. He said that Saaf Pani project was of vital importance for public health.


Talking to a representative delegation of Pakistan Muslim league-N, the Chief Minister said that billions of rupees were being spent on the programme of provision of potable water to the people of the province while monitoring and third-party audit system had also been introduced. He said that target had been fixed to provide clean water to people of villages within two years.


He said a huge sum of Rs 117 billion would be spent on this project which would result in availability of potable water to crores of residents of villages. He said this project was being started from the districts of south Punjab and initial work of installation of water filtration plants had been started.


The Chief Minister said the Punjab government was implementing the policy of balanced development of urban and rural areas, therefore, ten percent higher quota had been allocated in welfare and educational programmes for the districts of south Punjab.


He said that under Saaf Pani project, such areas were being given priority where there was a dire need of supply of drinking water . He further said that under Punjab Saaf Pani project, centers would also be set up where people would be able to get potable water .


He said that solar panels would be installed for operating water filtration plants so that supply of potable water should continue even during power breakdown. He further said that people had the right over resources and Punjab government was upholding this right through welfare programmes like Saaf Pani project.


He said that maximum resources were being provided for this project. He said that Saaf Pani project will be completed under a phased programme and no effort will be spared for speedy implementation of this important project. He said that

programmes like Saaf Pani project were splendid examples of utilization of public money on the masses.


The Chief Minister said that water is a sign of life and a basic necessity of every citizen. He said that Punjab government would work round the clock for the implementation of Saaf Pani project expeditiously. He said that all out measures were being taken for the supply of drinking water and uplift of social sectors and like other projects, transparency, standard and speed were also being ensured in the execution of this vital project.



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